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Friday, November 16, 2012

Found his calling... Finally

We've had lots of posts speculating what my little Goose will be when he grows up.  A mechanic? Or how about a stunt man?  I think there were others, but I can't remember them all.  Well, I now believe he will be a doctor.  Ever since our last hospital trip he's been giving his mom and me "shots" with anything that has a pointy end.  Below is a picture of the first time he met his little sister.  "Hi baby! Ooooo, medical equipment.  I have to listen to your big heart, your leg heart, your arm heart, and your back heart."

And for all you wanting some good pictures of our newest addition, here are a few.


  1. I can't wait to get there! love, Grandma

  2. Awesome! The Little Booger apparently already has been teaching the Littler Booger to make funny faces (see last photo).

    A perfect family.