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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween! (A Day Late)

Trick or treating was delayed by a day in our neighborhood because of Hurricane Sandy, so the little dude dressed up tonight instead of yesterday. This year he was a cuddly little monster (appropriate, right?).
Look at those two cuties...
After he was done trick or treating, he sat with me on the front steps to pass out candy. He's such a fun helper.
Happy Halloween!
The funny thing is that he's really stingy with the candy, but nobody minds because he's little. If I was as stingy as he is our house would get egged (and deservedly so).


  1. I hope people were suitably frightened when they saw those big horns!



  2. Look at his little mouth all covered with chocolate--he isn't too stingy with himself! Next year, he'll give out more, I'm sure. love, Grandma

  3. Looks like the little booger and his mom are having lots of fun!