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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial day!

We visited some friends in DC for the weekend and went hiking by the Potomac. Not everybody was paying attention to the amazing views, though.
Later that night the boy hoisted himself onto the dinner table and crawled to the spoon to get his applesauce. We'll put table manners on the 'to-do' list.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Too early for a career move?

The little guy is definitely moving now. You put him down in one place and he is off to the nearest wire, shoe, dog leg, and occasionally one of his toys. He is so strong too, which gives his semi-athletic father hope that his son will grow up and be good at the sport of his choosing (not soccer), but with a 5'1" mother and a 5'10" (well, 9.5"...stupid doctor's office) father, things aren't in his favor for a Big League career.

So I often wonder what his life will be like when he grows up. Here might be a clue to the booger's future career path.

Our coffee table has a sort of prison bar shelf underneath it with some atlases and various magazines stored there. One thing he's been doing lately is crawling under the coffee table. Once there he'll flip on his back and reach up for whatever he can find.

Looks to me like a miniature version of me working on my Jeep. Maybe we have a little mechanic on our hands. Or maybe a mechanical engineer.


Ever since he was born, the little guy has slept best with something covering his mouth and nose. It's his "Give Mom a Heart Attack" sleep position. I uncovered his nose in this picture, but he blanket is actually in his mouth.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

They should make VCRs for babies

The little guy loves the VCR. I was taking pictures of him as he was whacking the buttons (smart idea, huh), and then he did this:The VCR is now on a higher shelf, breathing a sigh of relief.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The reason why we're (finally) baby-proofing this weekend:

We've known for a while that our low, open shelving would have to go...

On top of this insanity, the little guy is getting fast!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not that crawling is wearing him out or anything...

... but he just slept through a diaper change.

Here's a cute and completely unrelated photo just to round out this post:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Look at him go!

Here's the proof-- he's crawling!

I love that Kanye glasses are what gets him moving! What a trendy little dude.

Road trip

We went on our first long car trip this weekend to go to my cousin's bat mitzvah. He got to see his Grandma and Gramps and had his first guitar lesson.
He's the next Eddie Van Halen! (Haha, I'm old)
He has also learned to crawl! He went about five feet tonight going after one of our bat mitzvah favors-- crazy glasses.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Purple tongues and melted plastic

The little dude has thrush (again), so we're going with the gentian violet treatment plan. It dyes his mouth purple and makes his drool stain. His school pictures are tomorrow, so it'll be fun to have a permanent record of his purpleness.

We have to sterilize all of his toys, so we boiled his favorite teething toy. Um... apparently it's not boil-safe.
We'll get him another one when the thrush clears up.


He's old enough to have a sippy-cup now, so we've been giving it to him with a little bit of water inside. The little guy is very interested in it, but not quite sure how it works.
He does, however, understand that throwing it on the floor makes a really fun noise.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweet potatoes!

First of all, I use wayyyy too many exclamation points in my titles! (!!!!) In other news, one of these days I might get tired of taking pictures of the kid eating. At least I'm bringing my camera to the table now. I used to say "Don't fall out!" with jazz hands and then I'd SPRINT through the house to get my camera. The dogs think I'm crazy.
His latest trick is smacking the table when he wants another bite. Because his hands are usually covered in food, he gets food everywhere (table, chair, floor, mom, happy dogs) with his boundless enthusiasm.

How can you get upset at a face like this? (See the sweet potatoes on the table?)

In sappy news, he melted my heart today by sort of waving good-bye to me when I dropped him off at daycare. His teacher said it counted as a wave, so I'm totally counting it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Over the edge!

Apparently rolling out the open end of his floor gym is too easy now, so he's trying to go over the side and into the bookshelf.
He's all "What are you looking at?" The attitude on this one is unbelievable.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bathtime fun!

The little guy had some rice cereal for dinner, which is why he needed a bath in the first place. He's trying to help out with the spoon, but his aim is a little off so he gets food all over his hands (and then rubs his face). I dropped him off at daycare the other day and then realized he had peas in his eyebrows. I'm an amazing mom, what can I say!
Anyway, we've moved him into the bathtub from the kitchen sink. He sat up and splashed for a while.
Then he played on his stomach. He was splashing and spinning and giving us both heart attacks by trying to stick his face under water. The blue thing is his bath sponge that he's totally outgrown.
After it was over, he played in the empty tub and was fascinated by the drain.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blugh! That's not water!!

You know the feeling (and inevitable the look) you get when you have a nice cold glass of water in front of you, just waiting to quench your thirst? You bend down, take a sip from the straw, and then, BAM!, your mouth is fizzing, your nose is tingling, and that is the worst tasting water in the history of human existence. But then you remember you ordered Sprite.

The boy has really been enjoying his pears for the last week and can't seem to get enough. He starts grinning and reaching for the bowl whenever we sit down to give him some. So you can imagine his excitement to see a creamy colored puree heading for his mouth tonight, just like so many times before. Only this time it wasn't pears. Surprise little fella! It's Sprite, not water! Enjoy your apples kiddo!

We missed the first couple bites, but managed to catch a few. He looked like we gave him a Sour Patch Kid or something. It was priceless.

It's kind of like a milk mustache...

... but it's a rice cereal beard. When he tries to smile while eating, he pushes food out of his mouth.
He had a bath after finishing his breakfast.