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Monday, November 26, 2012

Negotiations 101

One nice thing about parenting the little dude is that we can still outsmart him on occasion. He didn't want to eat his dinner tonight, and we asked him to eat five bites. He countered with four. We said ok, four, and he re-countered with two bites. We said no, four, and then he said no, FIVE. Awesome! He ended up eating it all, which was even better.
He might look like a genius, but a master negotiator he is not.
The new one is still doing baby things (and charming her daddy).

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  1. The Bigger Booger negotiates about as well as his Gramps, I see. And I had a nice conversation on the phone wth the Littler Booger last night ... she said "Aaaaahhh, ooooooh!" I was impressed.