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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Talk About a Back Seat Driver

We finally turned the little guys car seat around today.  Since the little girl arrived the back seat has been a kind of crowded and there isn't as much room for the big one to get into his seat when it's backward.  So we turned him around.

We went over to church tonight for the last lesson in our Financial Peace University small group study and that was his first ride forward facing.  I guess it's a different perspective when you are moving forward rather than backwards because the little guy wouldn't be quiet.

"I see a stop sign!"
"There's a green light!  Now it's ORANGE!  AND RED!!!"
"We're on a bridge!"
"Daddy, STOP!!" as a car in front's brake lights came on.
"Slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down...."

I guess the world looks a little faster coming at you instead of going away from you.

Here's a completely gratuitous photo of the boy and his grandma, both happy as larks.


  1. I'm thinking Grandma is not going to want to come home.



  2. I can hear his chatter now. He is becoming "all grown up".
    I'm sure he and Grandma are both enjoying their time together.