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Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend with cousins

One of my cousins moved down to Charlotte a year or two ago and we decided we'd go visit her and her lovely family for the weekend. It's nice to get to see family whenever you can. We had a great time going to see The Little Mermaid presented by The Charlotte Ballet and then getting to hang out and catch up while the kids played non-stop.

After church on Sunday we went out to eat and the kids got their very own table. They were so cute.
Here are my cousin's kids, who obviously know what to do when someone is taking their picture, and our kids, who look like they were to busy eating to bother.

Also, Goose had another baseball game tonight. He got to play catcher. His Uncle Todd would be proud!

The girl was too busy with crackers to pay attention.


  1. What a nice visit with the cousins! The baseball player is very versatile!love, Grandma

  2. I don't think I've ever seen him play catcher without a Redskins helmet on. And it seems the little one might be hitting a growth spurt? (Eat, eat, eat.)

  3. So glad you got to visit with family. It's always so nice to stay in touch with loved ones. You are right...Uncle Todd would be proud.