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Thursday, March 10, 2016


The little guy has been asking a ton of questions about politics and the election lately. Today, I took him out of school early so he could join me at a Hillary rally! We had a pretty good time, although we left a bit early since he was exhausted from all the waiting.
This kid waited patiently for 4 hours!
There she is!!
The cutest thing happened as we were leaving. The Secret Service had taken our water bottles, including the little guy's construction cup. He was very sad about it, so on the way out I asked if we could get it back. The agents found it for us (in the box behind them), and the little guy just BEAMED when they handed it over. One of them said "See? We did something good today." Awwww.


  1. What a,great day, to see Hillary and get a,taste of politics! And how nice of the Secret Service. The little booger is a real trouper. Lovr, Grandma

  2. And Grandma used the correct "trouper"! That's why I love HER.

  3. He is a patient one for sure to sit and wait that long.