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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Science Night!

We took the kids to a neuroscience celebration at the science museum. It was really cool! They got to look through a microscope at slices of fish brains that were stained purple.
They also played an m&m game about brain inhibitors and delayed gratification. The highlight of the evening, though, was that the little guy got to hold a real human brain in his hands.
He said it was heavy. The guy helping him with the brain is a PhD neuroscientist who took time to explain all kinds of things about it-- where your eyes go, what parts let you talk, what parts let you throw things. It was fascinating!


  1. What an interesting event! Seeing a real brain and hearing about the different parts must really have been fascinating love Grandma

  2. Did it help the big guy understand why he has to stop falling on his head so often? :-)

  3. I know the little guys were super excited about it. I loved hearing the excitement in their voices as they told me about it.