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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

That's Show Biz!

My precious angel was sick Sunday as you may have read so I kept her home yesterday to keep her from spreading the plague to her little 2 year old germ factories. I kept the boy home too because I didn't feel like driving all the way out to their daycare for observation just in case he was infected as well. We did a lot of playing and, considering that we didn't turn on a Daniel Tiger until after 3, I think we had a successful sick day.

We generally have a very musical home with lots of singing about all kinds of stuff - going to the potty, all their nicknames, basically anything we are doing. Lately though we've been (still) singing Christmas songs. When Emily and I came downstairs yesterday we were treated to a full spread of (plastic) food set up for us on the coffee table.
Too bad for Emily that she had to go to work. I got breakfast and a show!

Presenting "Sing We Now of Christmas" featuring Stinker Pants and Baby Girl!

I love the accompaniment from the girl with no pants, leopard print shirt, and pink cowboy boots. Luckily we didn't have to go anywhere or see anybody.


  1. What a nice sick day at home! Sometimes that is just what Dad or Mom and the little ones need so that they are ready to plunge back into real life. I hope everyone feels better now! love, Grandma

  2. So much talent! These two are simply precious.