Our Little Boogers

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Thursday, October 18, 2012


I am going to have to stop listening to our local top 40 station in the car... the little booger is learning too many pop songs! He was asking for music videos tonight by singing some of the song so we'd know what he wanted. We watched some Justin Bieber and Psy tonight. He's also been singing Everybody Talks by Neon Trees while wandering around the house lately. 
We're starting to be REALLY careful about inappropriate lyrics (Flo Rida, I'm looking at you) now that we've realized he's paying so much attention!


  1. OK, pitiful grandfather is going to have to click on every link (well, except Justin Bieber) to find out who these people are.

    Pretty sad when a 2-year-old is more up to date on pop culture.



  2. Wait ... I know the Neon Trees. They're in that Buick commercial!


  3. What a smart little boy...I love the idea that he sings the song so you can find the music video. as they say, lol love Grandma