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Friday, October 12, 2012


Meet Tato.
Tato (possibly short for Potato?) is the newest member of our family.  Well, at least I think he is, though I'm not really sure when he arrived.  One morning this week he was just sitting on the kitchen table.  That morning the silly goose came downstairs, hopped up on the bench, and screams, "TATO!!!!" like he'd been missing for years.  Now every time he sees him it's like, "Hey Tato!" or "Look! It's Tato!" or "Come on, Tato!"

Tonight when he was heading up for bed he stopped and ran back into the kitchen.  
"Let's go Goose.  We've got to go to bed.  It's getting late."
"I gotta get Tato to his home!"
(blank stare)
After much ado, we finally get Tato to his home and laying down (which, please note, is tough for Weeble People).  Observe:
Yep, Tato now resides in the goldfish canister.  I guess you could say... he's sleeping with the fishes.  

Sorry.  Couldn't help myself.


  1. Why do I detect Daddy's hand in the mysterious appearance of Tato?



  2. No, I seriously don't know where it came from, nor why he so quickly had a name for it. It was the weirdest thing.

  3. Maybe Tato hitched a ride home from DC...or was in someone else's quiet box? love, Grandma

  4. You all make me laugh so hard! He is such a funny little booger....reminds me of his dad.