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Monday, November 16, 2015


It's fairly official: we don't have any babies in our house. The highchair has been converted to a booster, we don't have bottles or sippy cups or diapers, and the baby turned 3!!
That's right, the little peanut below has turned into a three-year-old.
 After opening presents, she strong-armed her uncle into joining her at a tea party. He was thrilled.
(The poor guy probably thought he was done with that when I outgrew tea parties! Bless him.)


  1. THREE! Three years old, that just can't be! Time does fly. Love the little peanut so much. Looking forward to watching her grow into a wonderful young lady and seeing all that she will accomplish.

  2. What a fun birthday our big girl had! She's grown so fast and learned so much in her 3 years. Love, Grandma