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Monday, November 9, 2015

Photog and Fashionista

It's been well documented that the boy loves to photograph things. Sometimes inanimate objects. Often times in rapid succession to where he's actually making a motion picture (if the object actually had some motion, but, on second thought, he usually provides the motion himself). One thing he loves to do most recently is take selfies that usually include an emotional face; sometimes happy, sometimes super excited. Yesterday he decided he was sad. (Nice photobomb, me!)

The other one is insisting on dressing herself.      Everyday.     Maybe she's on the cutting edge of some couture trend, but I highly doubt it. Don't know that we will be seeing long sleeve printed shirts under patterned tanks with leggings and trainers walking down a Paris runway anytime soon, but she's happy and (I'm told) that's what matters!


  1. They both strike quite the pose in these 2 pics...what drama! Love, Grandma

  2. I think they will enjoy looking back at the documentation of their phases of life and laughing at the fun things they did. They are both amazing!