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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Outside Weather!

It didn't rain this afternoon (yay!) so we went on a walk to the playground. The little one is over eight pounds now, so I can use the front carrier. It's *so* much easier than the stroller when we have the dog with us.
When we got back from the playground, the little guy rode his bike almost to the end of our street and all the way back.
In other news, Santa came to our neighborhood on a fire truck this evening! Last year I thought our row of townhouses was burning down, but I remembered that it was probably Santa when we heard the sirens this year. We made it outside in time to get a wave and a very jolly "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!" from the man himself.


  1. Red noses, fresh air! Grandma will be so proud. What a wonderful, exciting day.



  2. Grandma is not only proud, she wishes she was there, too! There's nothing like an outing on a nice day. love, Grandma