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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Head control

The little one is starting to be able to control her head somewhat.  And by somewhat I mean a little more than a poorly stuffed rag doll.  Here is an old fashion video.
Why are you taking my picture?

Seriously Mom?

Well, if you must.  Check out this clearance!
Pops is in town too so he is spending some fun time with his newest little granddaughter.  I think she actually laughed on purpose some this evening.  Is that even possible?  Pops was blowing in her hair and she produced a huge grin.  Melted her daddy's heart.  But then she spit up...ugh.


  1. At that age, it's hard to tell a smile from a pre-burp. But I bet a blow on the hair did the trick.



  2. P.S. If I tried to that with my head, I'd be in traction for a week.