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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Outside Treat

The kids had ring pops after dinner tonight. Those are an outside treat for bath nights. They were so happy!
We took the ring pops on a walk, and the poor little dude tried sprinting into a sharp turn on a gravel road. Ouch!
In other news, the guys working on our house are amazing:
Our house is feeling pretty small now that we're down to about 1,000 square feet, but we're excited to see the area of our addition mapped out!


  1. Poor little boy--what a nasty scrape. It's so great that you like to take a walk after dinner in this beautiful weather. We enjoy seeing the progress on the house! love, Grandma

  2. You're now part of the "tiny house" movement!

  3. Ring pops are the best :)
    So sorry about the scrape. I hope a Band-Aid made it better.
    Love, Nana