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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Say what?

I've been having fun with the little man since the girls have been gone for a whole day. It's really crazy. Now that the girls are gone, the love being produced in my heart greatly exceeds the demands of production. The poor little guy has to bear (...bear? bare? bair? behr? I'm too lazy.) the brunt of the overload.

That's all beside the point though. This has been happening tonight...

Me: He man, could you turn on the light over there?
Boy: Sure.
(walks over and turns on the light)
Boy: Nailed it!

(Boy is watching TV and his show ends. He turns the TV off.)
Boy: Nailed it!

Me: Hey Crazy Pants. Do you want some more pizza? (Thanks Jake Arrieta (CHC) and Dominos, by the way)
Boy: Yes please.
(Pizza is put on his plate and he takes a bite.)
Boy: Nailed it!

What? ... Just... what?

I guess it's already started; bad influences.

Emily got our first call from school today. Seems as if the playground jumped up and tripped the little guy. He's fine though and, as you can see, has a mouth full of pizza and some sleepy eyes.


  1. It's definitely behr. Love you!

  2. Nailed it!

  3. That bad playground, to hurt the boy! Hope it is being properly disciplined
    Love, Grandms

  4. Hope dad and the boy are enjoying each other and all the shenanigans that can go on with dads and their boys.