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Monday, September 28, 2015

Photographer and Trickster

The little guy has always liked taking pictures; pictures of himself, his family, his legos, still life, or.... the dirt on the floor. There are pictures and pictures on the iPad and his mom's phone of a whole lot of nothing, mostly half his head and the ceiling or whatever he was watching on TV. I found, though, that if you scroll through some of those "episodes" fast enough, he's actually made a movie.

Here's a couple of his still lives (lifes) from after I got back from the grocery store.

And here is a selfie, with an absolutely adorable photobomb.

In other news, the little guy's Kindergarten teacher brought cupcakes for her birthday for all the kids to enjoy one day last week. We got an email from his teacher asking if he was allergic to vanilla.....


So the boy told her that he was allergic to vanilla and that next time she would need to bring chocolate cupcakes so he could have one.

That child.


  1. I totally missed the little head sneaking in until you mentioned it!

  2. What a great ploy to get chocolate! He is always thinking. ..I enjoyed seeing the still life theme...love grandma

  3. This boy is something else....much like his father. Love that little photobomber too.