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Monday, June 8, 2015

This and That

The baby ate her broccoli tonight while pretending to be a brachiosaurus. The little guy did, too, but he finished his dinner before I got out the camera.
We I let the baby pick out the new bathmat for the downstairs bathroom. It makes my eyeballs bleed. It didn't look nearly as bright in the store, but my goodness.
My original plan was to paint the walls to match whatever bathmat we got, but I'm definitely rethinking that idea.


  1. Who knew that dinosaurs liked bright colors? Speaking of which, I seem to remember a certain bathroom in an apartment in Raleigh ...

  2. I'm sure that a brachiosaurus ate jurassic veggies just like the baby imagines. And perhaps I could suggest a white-washed orange for the bathroom walls? I believe that the baby begins to take after her mother.
    love, Grandma

  3. Every black and white room needs a splash of color. She is very HGTV!