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Monday, June 15, 2015

Beautiful Falls, Beautiful Smile

We went camping over the weekend and stopped by a waterfall on Saturday evening. When the baby saw it, she said "Look! The water is falling!" Hahaha. Here's her gorgeous smile for the camera:
The little guy had a great time climbing on the rocks.
Eric and I got engaged in these woods (awww) and our first post-engagment picture was in front of this waterfall.
We were so young!


  1. What nice photos, even of a silly grin! You two really were young! The big booger playing on the rocks reminds me of myself and my brothers and sister playing endlessly in the woods. We loved it.
    love, Grandma

  2. Wait, I though that photo was from this week. You haven't changed a bit, except for the two kids running around the falls with you now.

  3. I remember that day when you were young and newly engaged...sweet memories. I also have sweet memories of our camping trip and those precious little boogers.