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Monday, February 2, 2015

Music to My Ears

We had a great visit with Nana and Pops, as you are aware. One of the reasons they came down was to bring us the Yamaha Portable Grand piano we got for Christmas. We tried to bring it back with us at New Years by tying it to the luggage rack. We got it all ready to go and headed off to my grandmother's house who lives about a quarter mile away. As we pulled out of the drive way at my mom and dad's and got up to speed, the straps holding the piano on began a low buzz. The faster we went the louder it got. We stopped for a visit at my grandmothers and then got back in the car to head south. We got the car up to 35 on the way to the interstate and, instead of going away as I'd hoped it might do if we got over a certain speed, it sounded like a swarm of gigantic bumble bees thought our was the biggest flower ever.

Needless to say we promptly turned around and headed back to Mom and Dad's to drop the piano off and drive home in peace.

It is nice to have a piano in the house, especially one with a volume control. The little guy actually made it sound kind of good. Here he is playing the piano!
 The baby girl got in on the action too while I took the boy to the grocery store.
It'll be nice to have music fill the house as these two (and maybe their daddy) try and learn the craft.


  1. What fun this will be! And you can enjoy the keyboard for years. What a wonderful Christmas gift. love, Grandma

  2. Future Mozarts!

  3. So glad everyone likes the gift. I do hope the boogers will take an interest in learning to play. Although I tried, their daddy always had too many other things to do besides learn the piano. Hopefully he will learn now also. :D