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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New bedtime routine

Well, softball was a disappointment last night. As Emily mentioned our first playoff game was last night. We were running just on time (or late as my lovely wife would put it). Unfortunately I was inadvertently, or at least I hope so, left off our playoff roster so I wasn't allowed to play. So I do what most do when they can't play anymore; they coach!

Now that that's cleared up from last night's post we can move on.

Bedtime has changed over the last few days to a week. It starts as normal with the kids going upstairs and procrastinating until their PJs are finally on. It used to be that Emily would read to the boy and I would get a very insistent, "LAY DOWN!!" and read to the girl. But lately the miniature person has insisted on climbing into her brother's bed and listening to a book with him as Em reads. Before the reading commences, Goose will insist that his sister needs a pillow if she's going to be in his bed so we have to provide that or the world is not right. Then they read. It's actually very sweet and cute.

Then, inevitably, something like below happens. Notice the choke hold hug the boy is giving his sister. She is soooo happy about it!
He means well... I think.


  1. Killing her with kindness! Hey, I hate to get sidetracked, but is the little one using that yellow chair (next to the bed)? Love the cushions (must be Daddy's doing).

  2. No, she isn't using it to sit in, but the stuffed animals seem to like it.

  3. Reading before bedtime is such a nice tradition! Especially if everyone keeps their hands to themselves! love, Grandma

  4. He makes me laugh so much. I'm sure he meant well (look at that smile), he always does ;)