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Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Walk in the Dark

Now that the days are getting short, we have less time to be outside after work. And without Beau pushing us to get him out of the house :-( it seems like we get home, watch an episode (or 5) of Mr. Rodg, er..a Daniel Tiger's neighborhood, eat dinner, and then get the kids in bed.

Tonight was different. We decided to take a walk. Light fading? Psssh. The baby girl's 5 inch legs? No matter! The big one acting 2 with a whiny, "I don't wanna go!" Puhleeze. Do you know my wife?

We had a nice stroll around the block and got back after the street lights had come on. We ran into our new neighbors from 3 doors down (hehehe) who have a 2 year old and one on the way so that was nice. We've been meaning to introduce ourselves.

Midway through the walk, we were all holding hands. The little guy made us switch it up so he could hold his sister's hand which was soooo cute. Emily and I managed to get a picture of the two kiddos. Yeah Teamwork!
Look at those two, well except for the boy's T-shirt tucked into his gym shorts. I'm trying to raise him right.


  1. Those Jones girls (Grandma's family) must have their fresh air.

  2. Always nice to read a post by Big E. Fresh air is very important. Love, Grandma

  3. Enjoy those days of fresh air and fun evening walks. They're gone before you know it. I have always thought Big E had a great talent for writing and I do enjoy an occasional post from him also.