Our Little Boogers

Sharing our lives: two kids, two full-time jobs, one old house, and plenty of love and laughter. And baseball.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Eric had strep throat last week, and the little dude and I got to visit urgent care together yesterday. I have an ear infection and he has a funky virus with some wheezing.

Anyway, the way to make it all better is to eat a bowl of cereal in front of a baseball game on TV.
The baby is the healthiest of us all, but even she got in on the action.


  1. I hope everyone is feeling better now! We like the names on the blackboard, too. love, Grandma

  2. Maybe the Bigger Booger is sick, but he's still handsome (I see he got a haircut, too, along with the Littler Booger).