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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Somebody's sleepy

My baby girl has been somewhat of a night owl the last few nights. I've been putting them to sleep and her brother has been falling asleep with no problem while she remains up standing in her crib, talking to herself, grabbing things off the changing table, and throwing her pacifier on the floor with great purpose. A funny aside: last night Emily put them to bed and the boy popped up and said he wasn't tired.

"Mom, I need to do some exercise so I can go to sleep."
"I need to exercise so I will be tired and fall asleep. Can I?"
"Umm... sure."
(He literally does 2 pseudo-pushups with his pelvis on the floor and only lifting his shoulders. Kind of like doing "The worm". Then he hopped back in bed.)
"Thanks Mom!"
"You're welcome. Now go t..." He was asleep.

Anyway, my little sweet pea has been up late this week. Well, it all caught up with her tonight. She was not happy after we got home from school and she fussed all evening until she went to bed. Even then she fought it about as hard as she could and man, does she have some lungs. When she is tired, she is a lot like her mother!

I'm going to get it for that one. She did manage to stop crying for a few minutes sitting on her mommy's lap at the end of dinner. But I'll let you decide how she happy she was.
At least someone was having a good time. Nice face Stinker Pants.


  1. The little sweet pea has quite a stink eye! - Aunt Holly

  2. As the father of the mother, I can vouch for the fact that those of our genetic line do NOT do well when hungry or tired. Even as adults.



    1. I know! I read this and I said "I don't cry LOUDLY when I'm tired or hungry" because, honestly, that's the only difference.

  3. Plus some of us still fight sleep! love, Grandma

  4. I like the boy's exercise routine...maybe I'll try that next time I can't get to sleep! Hope your baby girl gets some much needed rest.

  5. If looks could kill, I think the photographer is in trouble.