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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pet Sounds?

The baby is talking up a storm! It's SO MUCH FUN!! Listen to her do a bunch of animal sounds:
She can also say apple, more milk, please, thank you, bye-bye daddy, NO, no, NoNoNoNoNo, and Beau (among others). She's a complete mimic. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed watching the original booger learn to talk.

Speaking of, here's a video of the two of them playing Ring Around the Rosie in the kitchen. She just learned it at school-- and I can add "Down" to the list of words she can say.


  1. I was afraid that second video was going to end badly, but Big Booger was very gentle. Hooray!



  2. What fun! Animal sounds and ring around the rosy...love, Grandma

  3. Such sweetness! She is really growing up fast. Talking is a big deal and I think the two boogers adore each other.