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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

It was (fittingly) a beautiful and sunny day today, so I made everyone go for a walk after dinner. We headed to the playground, and nobody got hurt! Hooray! For some reason, the little guy carries his bike up this hill, which is hilarious. A couple eating dinner on their porch was cracking up as we strolled by.
The baby just wants to go up and down the stairs on the slide now, while the little guy won't play on anything else! Here's what that looked like tonight (no injuries is a big deal here!).
In other news, this old fellow isn't doing very well, but he enjoyed his walk to the park and getting some love from a few neighborhood kids.


  1. She's a climber alright. So glad they love to play outdoors. Sorry the old fellow is not doing good...but he does love that attention!

  2. I bet supervising the backhoe in the sand pit was a lot easier. But they sure do grow!



  3. Walks after dinner in daylight savings time are the best! love, Grandma