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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Doctor, Doctor!

During the baby's breathing treatment this morning, the little guy got out his doctor bag and took her temperature, looked in her ears, gave her a shot and a bandaid, and then listened to her breathing. It was so cute! It gave her something to look at, too, so she didn't fuss as much about the mask and the noise of the nebulizer. Wahoo!
The green hat, in case you didn't know, is the kind of hat that doctors wear.


  1. If you have to be sick, you might as well have a fun, wacky doctor.



  2. Well, bless his little heart! Lucky for the baby to have a big brother who will take care of her and entertain her! Hope she is feeling better, love, Grandma

  3. Precious little one...hope you're better. And hugs for the big brother who makes her forget how bad she feels. You have to love the doctor hat!