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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hardest Week?

Sorry for the lack of updates-- we had all the drywall installed, mudded, and sanded, and the house is still kind of a disaster zone. Every time I finish dusting, more dust settles. That's why I haven't been taking any pictures. We also got hit with Hurricane Matthew. Luckily, our only branches fell *between* the cars. Phew! We spent a nice evening playing games by candlelight, but a lot of our neighbors weren't so lucky.
Anyway, hopefully we're back and working through the dustiest part of this addition. We got tile floors and cabinets since my last update! Ignoring the toilet in the bathtub, look how amazing the kids' bathroom is:
Our bathroom is going to pretty sweet, too:
Frankly, any bathroom would be amazing right now. Our only toilet is in the room behind the sheet. To get into that bathroom, you have to climb over the pile of trim and shelf boards. That pile should shrink this week, but it'll be nice to have more than one toilet again AND doors.


  1. The new bathrooms will be wonderful! Love Grandma

  2. Not everyone gets to live in a house as it's being built. You'll look back on this time and laugh.

  3. If you can live thru a renovation...you can live through anything!