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Saturday, August 20, 2016

House Stuff!

We had a busy week with tons of baseball (little dude) and softball (Eric). The poor baby fell off some low bleachers the night after slicing her leg on a parking barrier, so she looks like she's been beaten with a stick.
Anyway, while we were doing all of that stuff, the guys working on our house got it dried in! It's SO fun to walk around inside it and picture what it's going to look like. Here are some photos I took this afternoon.
The right side of the house.
The back door!
The basement area. 
The basement stairs.
The family room.
Looking into the laundry room/pantry and down the stairs.
This is the left side of the house.
Look at that scaffolding!

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  1. OK, so Grandma thought that she commented last night on how great the addition looks...it does look great and I hope the little one feels less bruised and tumbled today. love, Grandma