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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Baseball practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for all the exclamations in the title, but somebody is excited about a certain little guy starting what is sure to be a long and lucrative career in baseball.

Alright, that is highly unlikely, especially when his dad keeps hitting him with a baseball.

Anyway, my little guy started his baseball career this evening. You are looking the future #20 for his little team. #20, not after his daddy, who is, and forever will be, #2, but #20 after his distant relative Goose Goslin, who finished his career in 1938 as #20 for the Washington Senators and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1968, who, like my Silly Goose, batted left and threw right.

The little baseball team is adorable, and there are already some ball players. My little guy was pretty good, but I'm sure will get better. We generally just do fast pitch in the yard but tonight they broke into 3 stations, one for soft toss, one for tee, and one for live pitching in the cage. Yes, that's correct. In the cage for 5 and 6 year olds.

The first station for the boy was the tee.
He's never really hit from the tee so it took him a couple times to get used to it. Plus they had to keep moving things for him at all the stations because he bats lefty. The tee just never was in the right place for him to get his feet right. That mat was always in an awkward place.

Then he did soft toss, and was, to be honest, not great. But he'll get better.

Then it was his turn in the cage.
He did really well in there. Sometimes if he swings too many times in a row and you don't remind him, his feet get out of whack and his stance is bad. It was all I could do not to yell say, "check your feet and bend your knees!" after every pitch. But Coach would remind him and my boy would smack it. Coach said, "Man, every time you pay attention and get set, you hit it. I don't think you've missed one!"

Emily said she told him in the car on the way to practice that she didn't know who was more excited, him or me. He said it was definitely him.

That makes me happy.


  1. The big question: How did they keep Dad out of the cage? :-)

  2. Fun for all! I can't wait to see this team at practice or play! love, Grandma

  3. During my short softball church league career I was a lefty with the bat and threw with my right arm ... Go little fella!

  4. So excited for the little guy to get to do something that he and his dad love. We'll be rooting him on I'm sure at some of his games!