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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Little builder

Goose has been doing a lot of building lately. We woke up Saturday morning.... well after he got up at 5:30 and then had something to tell us every 15 minutes for the next hour and a half.... and found some really cool "tree houses" made (appropriately) from construction paper. He then did a seminar on how to make them. Unfortunately I was doing something else while class was in session. The next one is scheduled for this Saturday at 8:30am. I'm not sure if I'm going to be up in time to make that one either. Doesn't he know that 8:30 is early on a Saturday?

Here is another of his projects. This one was from just before Christmas. Emily was out for some reason so Sweet Pea, Goose, and I played with the blocks. The boy made an awesome church!

I mean, complete with green tissue paper grass, a road of books, and a parking lot. Looks like there already a service going on. Amen!


  1. The church of the high-powered race car! Love it.

  2. Nice to have a post from dad! I take it the books represent the street by the church? Looks like great fun and much imagination. I'll take that seminar when next we visit. Love, Grandma

  3. I remember the days when their dad thought 8:30 on a Saturday was really late (it was too early on a school day). Love his creativity and engineering skills.