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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

T minus 3

Thankfully the little dude is coming back Friday evening. The baby woke up this morning and just cried because he wasn't here. It's heartbreaking! We thought she'd enjoy being an 'only' child, but she misses him and is a bit jealous that she's not away with him.

She did have a nice time playing store/restaurant tonight with her little cash register and without any interference.


  1. They don't like to have their world rocked, do they? I'm sure the little dude is having a great time and equally sure that he will be happy to be back home! The baby is really looking like a little girl now. love, Grandma

  2. When she's a teenager, she may look back fondly on these days without him. But with or without the big guy, she's very cute.