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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Advertiser's Dream

While the kids and I were in the car today, the little guy and I had the following conversation:

LG: We should have Zerorez come clean our carpets, mom.
Me: What?
LG: We need to have Zerorez come clean our carpets! They sanitize your carpets without using chemicals, making it safe and healthy for children and pets.
Me: What? (pause) We don't have any carpets, buddy.
LG: Well, we should buy some carpets and then have Zerorez come clean them.
Me: Ok, sure.

Once we got home, he looked around and shot me an accusing look. Want to know why? Because we DO have carpets (area rugs) and we haven't called Zerorez yet. 
Completely unrelated pic of the kids learning about tornados.
I guess somebody should call them to say their ads are working. Ugh.


  1. At that age, it's all just information.

  2. You could show the LG the photo of him helping you scrub one of those area rugs, making it safe and healthy. You don't need Zerorez! Don't you wish they remember other things as well as they do commercials? love, Grandma

  3. It's amazing what they pick up.