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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Miss Independent!

The baby's favorite phrase is "MY do it MYself!" and she says it all the time. She put her own shoes on this afternoon. Can you tell that they are on the wrong feet? She refuses to change them.
What a stinker!


  1. On the wrong feet? Says who?

  2. The mighty mite strikes again! But, tomorrow is another day. love, Grandma

  3. She is like a direct copy of her cousin at that age...not the boys. The girl.
    The boys let me do everything for them. It just went faster and we were all happier. The girl....I have had to learn to count patiently in my head while I wait for her to do all the things she can do by herself.
    There were meltdowns if I dared to zip her coat for her. Then the coat would be thrown off. Picked up again, and then put on incorrectly (upside down, inside out, buttoned wrong..).
    Have fun!!!