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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New(ly realized) Toy!!

My baby girl has never played with her dolls. Ever. They've been crammed into a box in the toy shelf since the boy was little.

Well all that changed today. Daycare asked us to bring a Teddy Bear into school for her. She clung to that thing with all her might as we were leaving daycare. It got worse when we got home. Her big brother showed her the other doll in the box. This one even has a bottle which the boy explained was milk and that the baby wanted to be fed.

The rest of the evening was very confusing for us grown-ups because we couldn't tell the difference between "MILK!" ("Daddy, would you be so kind as to pour me a glass of milk, please?") and "MILK!" ("My baby doll would like her bottle of milk. Has anyone seen it?")

He she is after one such exclamation.
 And here's the boy putting Neigh-bear's apron on the baby doll. Baby Girl is amazed.


  1. Now that's a great big brother.

  2. Oh, my heart will break in a thousand pieces! They are both so precious. love, Grandma

  3. Big brother is great! That baby girl usually has a way of making clear what she wants. And by the way, I love the big red polka dot flower in her hair ;)