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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our little artist

I had a softball game after work today. I'm playing for my office team now that my regular league is on break before the playoffs next week. I've gotta stay sharp, right?

Emily picked the kids up from daycare and then came over to our game. As soon as they came around the corner I heard (from my position on the hot corner) my boy's little booming voice, "Hey Dad!!! Mom, the game is over here!!!" Then he smiled really big and waved. The baby girl ran over to the fence and just shouted "Daddy! Daddy!" over and over. They melt my heart without even trying.

As soon as our half inning was over I ran over and said hey and was promptly handed this:
The boy drew it at school today. In case you can't tell this is the field at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. See the "C" behind home plate? There's Joey Votto at first and Brandon Phillips at second.

I'm not sure what all is going on as he was very excited to explain it and, I'm sad to say, I was a little preoccupied with trying to win a softball game. But I love his attention to detail. Sometimes I am amazed at what he notices. The "C" and then the little walk-up paths from the dugouts are perfect examples of how he doesn't miss anything.

Here's the back:
I guess I spoke to soon. These, apparently, are baseball players from the Cincinnati REDS.


  1. What wonderful pictures! And what fun at the game...I hope that Daddy likes the new office team, too. love, Grandma

  2. Love the "C" on the field.


  3. He amazes me with his knowledge of the Cincinnati Reds and baseball in general. He is so much fun!