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Monday, May 5, 2014

Play Ball!

We went to another one of Eric's softball games tonight. I wasn't organized enough to pack a picnic this time, so the kids split a McDonald's kids meal (with a spiderman toy AND chocolate milk!).
The baby kept trying to run into the dugout and onto the field to see her daddy. The little guy was blocking her from going in (in a fun way-- they were having a blast). Then the little dude stiff-armed the baby and she just toppled over backwards and hit her head on the sidewalk (thunk). She was SO upset that it took her a few seconds to even start screaming! The poor little dude just started apologizing as soon as it happened, bless his heart. They are both fine now, asleep in their room.


  1. Wrap those babies in thick batting and do not allow them to do anything! Advice from grandma

  2. I thought the Big One patented Head Injury, but I was wrong.



  3. Kids are made tough....they just get up and do it again! Looks like they love their Daddy's softball games.